07 Oct, 16

Congrats to you both! We are very sorry we have to miss it. We will have to get together soon after all the festivities slow down. We can't wait to meet you, Kathy. Have fun, and remember to really enjoy it and be in the moment, it flies by. Robert & Michelle Merrill

27 Sep, 16

Congrats Kathy and Varun!!! So sad we won't be able to make it. Have lots of fun and drink the night away. Love you, Jannie, Andy, Aiden , and Alayna

28 Jul, 16

I still remember signing out to your night float team 5 years ago, on your last morning before you went out to celebrate, and thinking the two of you were already surprisingly comfortable with each other. I'm very excited for your wedding and the lifetime of happiness that lies ahead for my favorite sloths

20 Jun, 16

Kathy and Varun Congratulations! We are looking forward to attend the wedding festivities. Darshana & Yogi

18 Jun, 16

Very best wishes to Kathy and congratulations to Varun, from